Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2317

LUXEMBOURG 2016 - A serie of 14 infographics presenting the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, its culture, its people, its labor market. in an original and practical way. A collabaration between STATEC and SIP and HUMAN MADE.

There'r 30 ppl in the class

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Martin Brofman - Chakra Reference Chart showing the Body/Mind Interface through the Chakras, relating specific Chakras to specific parts of the Consciousness, and specific parts of the Body, “Advancement of Healing”,

Asteroids and Earth

Infographic showing all near misses or close approaches to earth by asteroids. Information graphic by Simon Scarr for South China Morning Post.

A year's worth of messages in 12 beautiful charts | The Verge

A year's worth of messages in 12 beautiful charts

For eight years now, designer Nicholas Felton has been tackling that question with his annual report, compiled from exhaustive logs of every.

Time travel

Time-Travel-in-Movies_infographic Science catching up with the movies. And infographic of the movie travels.