FREEDOM OF SPEECH by Pei-Ling Ou - Red Dot communication design award.

Red Dot Design Award, 2013 Poster category FREEDOM OF SPEECH client: Shu-Te University, Kaohsiung City design: Shu-Te University, Department of Visual Communication Design, Kaohsiung City supervising professor: Chein-Feng Chang graphic design: Pei-Ling Ou

Visual Rhetoric theory “ An image/word that can interpret one’s view or perspective of a topical issue. Within this graphic, the integration of forks and knives used as chopsticks displays the concept.

반전/대비  절제vs위트  빛vs어둠

GRAPHIC DESIGN – POSTER – simple typeface uses shades of gray and black background. high contrast is what makes this poster work.

Death Cab For Cutie Nada Surf Heather Nova Explosions In The Sky Thees Uhlmann Portugal. The Man Seasick Steve Anna Calvi Josh T. Pearson Timber Timbre Marcus Foster Ed Sheeran Amy Lavere Howling Bells Jonothan Wilson Other Lives Susanne S

22 BADASS Versions Of Popular Childhood Characters | SMOSH - created via

22 BADASS Versions Of Popular Childhood Characters | SMOSH - created via


Here is a connection between the shape of the mouse (iconic object) and the creation of Adam painting, it is very smart clever and funny and powerful but useless idea

joe todd-stanton

style test for possible new project. Hopefully... - joetoddstanton

“Kowloon Walled City” by Japanese illustrator HR-FM

Kowloon Walled City Art Block - In the work of Japanese artist HR-FM, digital illustration meets pop art.

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By editing this photo so no nudity is shown, it makes it okay. because those are man nipples. Funny picture but it's still a good example of photo editing.