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10 New Outstanding UI Design Projects
Clever use of images, black/red colour mix works well, however the layout of the page could be seen as rather confusing.
Free cross-platform UI kit for Photoshop and Sketch | InVision
Marline - Weather, Tides & Moon, as never before on Behance
"While designing our new mail app prototype, we considered this problem in depth. We wanted to be sure we adhered to material design’s core principles of being rooted in the tactile, using motion to create meaning, and being boldly intentional—without recreating Google Now or Inbox."
Livo UI Kit
Concept of enterprise site by Nikolay Ivanov for AIC
Login/Sign up inspiration for mobile apps — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium
Спољни дуг је нарастао на више од 27 милијарди евра и његово стварно учешће у БДП је око 97 одсто, а не званичних 86 одсто - http://www.srbijadanas.net/spoljni-dug-je-narastao-na-vise-od-27-milijardi-evra-i-njegovo-stvarno-ucesce-u-bdp-je-oko-97-odsto-a-ne-zvanicnih-86-odsto/
Travel User Interface – iOSUp