soundcity_big001.jpg----------글씨체와 배경이 잘 어울려 좋은 타이포그래피로 보이는것 같다. 포스터의 목적이 크게 써있어서 그것도 좋은 것 같다.

SOUND CITY // I like how this type fits within the imagery and the placement and color re-inforce the poster's concept.

[infographic] ‘홍차’에 대한 인포그래픽

I can't read what the text says (darn image compression), but I like the volume that the shapes and text on an angle creates. The colors are nice too with the muted blue and yellows.

Tattoo Style Art #Illustrator Brushes • Only available here ➝

Tattoo Style Art Brushes

Tattoo Style Art Brushes by Create beautiful tattoo inspired art with these stipple shading and outline brushes! I created the two very different sets of bru

Illustrations by Owen Davey

Illustrations by Owen Davey

Owen Davey - Advertising ∙ Editorial ∙ Publishing ∙ Vector ∙ Character ∙ Mountains ∙ Trees ∙ Water - Illustrator at Folio illustration agency

Einklock by Andrew Colin Beck


My joke add for satirical magazine, "the Neu Jorker". (z for zoom).