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Leaves and a shovel mixed into a logo signet plus elegant geometrical typography made an amazing identity design for Italian based plant nursery. Designed by Luca Fontana Powyżej: projekt identyfik…


I really like the use of this logo. The word Idea takes shape as a pencil which is how most people get their ideas written down. This logo really tells people that this is a design company with the use of a pencil as the logo.

Custom Ampersand by Kenny Sing

Custom Ampersand

Very clever rendition of a monogram. It might take a second to get the letters sorted out but still works very well.

Very clever rendition of a monogram. I usually think monograms are a cop-out, but I like this.

ok chicken

"I always seem to be drawn to these very graphic logos - simple shapes that sit in perfect harmony. Clever play off the hand gesture and head of a chicken.

Detail in this design makes it extremely effective when looking at legibility. With only a few colors, the words highlight the center sections of the fruit. The rounded alignment is the key to success for this design.

- This Logo is a really cool twist on fresh fruit, I think its super clever, and it's very hard to be successful scrunching text like this but it works here! - Delicious Fruit & Vegetable Logo Designs for Inspiration