Modernist Posters by Quim Marin

Modernist Swiss Style Posters by Quim Marin

Lovely web design, I really like the layout and the inclusion of the mobile further down.

Loves Data Loves Thread - Multi-Purpose Theme, modern vintage Hand Made Web design Website Black and White Photography

Print Manual by Graphic Jake in Print

Layout ideas - Designed by Jake Hill. I am inspired by the angled cropping of the images. It creates great eye movement, and visual interest. There's a great balance of negative and positive space throughout the layouts.

Master Keynote Template #design #slides Download:

Master Keynote Template

Master Powerpoint Template by PreFactory General Description Creative Slides Free Font Used 2 Color VersionsCreative SlidesEasy Customize Full Animated Screen Size Re

Brand identity for Divina Valentina boutique by The Visual Corner studio #branding #logo #pink #brandIdentity

Diseño de Identidad para boutique Divina Valentina

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