Architect and designer Virginia del Barco, founder of Spanish practice ideo arquitectura, suspended wooden sticks within this bakery in Madrid.


ナチュラルで大人!手描きスケッチ装飾ベクター素材コレクション The Essential Hand-made Vector Collection

Una selección de recursos innovadores de señalización para museos, restaurantes y tiendas

Environmental Graphics, Light Tech, Food Truck, Visual Merchandising, Signage, Architecture Design, Retail, Colours, Set Design

This might be a artful concept for our vacation spot journeys! Tim already makes some go.... Discover more by clicking the image

15 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects Using Concrete Blocks

This would be a crafty idea for our destination trips! Tim already makes some good camp food, but this would be a cool new option!

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Fire pits can take up a lot of coveted backyard space. That’s why I love this fire pit, grill, and table combo. It’s as awesome as it sounds! It’s not a DIY