alternate costume braid brown hair chaos online edelyn fan folding fan full body highres long hair looking at viewer love cacao official art red eyes simple background solo transparent background twin braids very long hair - Image View -

흑요석 @00obsidian00  그림그리는 흑요석입니다 :D 팔언팔 프리! Na Young Wooh aka Obsidian. Professional illustrator. For further information, please contact my agency :

Kakusensei Million Arthur Korea: Awakening version, Anniversary-type 'Eowoodong' (Digital drawing,

South Korean illustrator Obsidian (also known as Huk-yo-suk)

Since SeeU is a Korean Vocaloid it only makes sense that someone would draw her in clothing that is a better reflection of her homeland's style :)

Cherry blossom hanbok 벚꽃 한복 Digital drawing, 2016 #흑요석

Cherry blossom hanbok 벚꽃 한복 Digital drawing, 2016 Sorry for late update! Because of childbirth, i’ve been very busy :D Spring is already in korea, therefore cherryblossoms everywhere!