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Use of block colour as page fillers/a graphic element. Alternating between manuscript and column grid is successful when the paragraphs remain consistent in all other aspects.

Print Ads, Anti Aging Cream, Body Care, Hong Kong, Web Design, Oriental, Banners, Skincare, Advertising

Xavier Veilhan, 2006 Courtesy Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Veilhan/ ADAGP, Paris, 2006

Mobile by Xavier Veilhan via Galerie Perrotin, New York/Paris/Hong Kong

原來是擅長採松茸的朋友啊~[ 中文字幕 - 廣告裁判 ]

原來是擅長採松茸的朋友啊~[ 中文字幕 - 廣告裁判 ]

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