My dribbble debut ;) Music Player in PANTONE Color(s) of the Year 2016. Thanks!

Music Player UI

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25 Amazing iOS App Icons

25 Amazing iOS App Icons

Here is a list of 25 apps for inspiration and fresh ideas for you. That are well-designed and worth their purchase from their exceptional design skills and

Scanner - by Aideal | #ui #icon

The icon is done effectively in showing a scanner. It shows a piece of paper appearing to become somewhat like pixels. The different shades of blue used help see the pixel like idea better

Notorious icon

While simple, this highlighter-yellow icon draws attention instantly and maintains a certain aesthetic with its round-square icon shape and its rounded font.

Creation of app icons performed within guides and grids

Icon Grid: When And How To Use It?

Grids, oh, mighty grids! I think this is the most requested article of all times. Answers on my new article! Check it out on Icon Utopia: Icon Grid: Whe.

Kitchen timer app icon "15 min" by Andrew

Kitchen timer app icon "15 min"

Hey guys, i mage an icon for the kitchen timer app from the previous shot (i called it min"), check it out and i hope you'll like it!

Boomerang App Icon by Robert Padbury for Instagram

Boomerang App Icon

Once again I’ll present you collection of great icon sets I’ve collected through the week. It’s nice to see so many different styles and interesting approaches on icon design. I’m sure you will discover some great icon designers and awesome icon sets.

Chat App Icon by Ted Kulakevich

Chat App Icon

Hey there, recently designed this chat app icon. Sketched a few quick concepts and it hit me.