sunnyisland 두 남자 이야기 _정조와 햄릿

COURTNEY DONALD- I like how the artist incorporated two different mediums to create a story which makes the image more appealing to the viewer sunnyisland 두 남자 이야기 _정조와 햄릿

McDonald's: Wolverine | Ads of the World™

This Wolverine/McDonalds poster is creative and visually-stimulating because the french fries look just like Wolverine's claws. It suggests that if you eat at McDonalds and get french fries, then you could be just like Wolverine.

StudioSpass | De wereld van witte de with ’12

Studiospass Festival De Wereld van Witte de With entitled The Street – LIve Issue! curated by Feireiss looks into the subject of the ‘street’.

I like how this says "run" but no one is running.they're skating.skate like you took something? Go home Adidas, you're drunk.

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