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The basic mix of gunpowder is universal and made of three main ingredients. It's merely a matter of finding them and mixing them.
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Inspired by the success with this crispy baked chicken wings that I made here. I decided to give it a spin with chicken legs-same flavorful bite and crispy crunchy coating -without the aid of breadcrumbs or flour. Since chicken drumsticks are larger than wings, I included a generous amount of onion, garlic to compensate …
B.Samson......... All the gear I need.. Mabye a few extras!!
Rustic Wedding Groom Look
Rustic Groom Attire For Country Weddings ❤ See more: #weddings
Designed for a country wedding but it could be used at any family event. :)
35 Totally Ingenious Rustic Outdoor Barn Wedding Ideas |
whismical forest and woodland wedding inspiration for 2017