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I really love how this simple layout manages to generate an interesting interplay between images and type, making the narrative of the story more compelling and solid.

Unusual - Keynote Presentation Template - Creative Keynote Templates

Unusual - Keynote Presentation Template

Unusual - Keynote Presentation Template by General Description Wide Screen Size) Free Font Used 66 unique slides Master slides Creative Slides Easy Customize Lat

Justified paragraphs. I like that they don't align with one another on the page. Also the integration of a pull-quote is successful. I could utilise this same idea with chapter titles perhaps.

just for the text.Dwell - Coastal Cities Revisited / magazine visual identity and layout pitch by Sidney Lim YX

Magazine Columns – Backbone of Every Good Layout

A LAYOUT'S BACKBONE — Here's a twelve column layout that gives many options on how to lay out your text and image blocks. Rarely used in magazines, more often in newspapers. Try creating something similar with and columns.

This is good example of text flow. Text and images have their own place and importance. Flow is natural and reader will have no problem following it.

Magazine Spreads – Good and Bad Practices

"Magazine Spreads – Good and Bad Practices," by Nikola at Magazine Designing. This grid layout is an example of a good text flow.

Editorial Templates for iBooks Author

Type in Digital Publications- There are many different variations in this iBook for type. The use of color change, boldness, and size make the variations interesting.

Strongly branded. Too much? | SIX Resume/CV Set by Lazar Momcilovic, via Behance

Strongly branded. SIX Resume/CV Set by Lazar Momcilovic, via Behance This is another nicely design CV. The design is very simple with a little splash of colour, and the use of icons throughout breaks up the large bodies of text.

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