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Monster Drawings Danish artist John Kenn spends his time writing and directing television, and raising kids, but manages to draw a portfolio full of elaborate and eerie monsters on Post-It notes. (via form is void) magpie & whiskeyjack: Monster Drawings

So I just found out about this artist named John Kenn, who is really awesome. His stuff is really creepy, but I can't stop looking at it.

a doentia arte de don kenn

The beginning of a very dark fairy tale? another great Don Kenn doodle.

harley quinn art | Tumblr

Best "The Joker" joker card I've ever seen. Plus the super awesome lipstick on non-existant lips

Two Face - Duality by Steve Garcia

Two Face - Duality by Steve Garcia This image demonstrates the nature of the main character. Tartuffe masks his unappealing and mischievous side by using religion and compliments to get closer to important people.


John Kenn is a creator for Children’s TV programming in Denmark. In his very rare bits of spare time he draws monsters on post-it notes.

Harvey Dent & Two Face Split  Batman  DC Comics  11 x by Wizyakuza

Harvey Dent y dos cara Split - Batman - DC Comics - impresión Digital de 11 x 17