Dribbble - Random animated UI / GIF by Olga Bystrova #UImotion

Random animated UI / GIF

This is the gesture music player skin created for one of our clients. Each…

Music Sessions – iOS App

This is the gesture music player skin created for one of our clients. Each circle represents room with different songs. You can mute session with long press and

Good morning/afternoon guys and girls! How’s it going?  We’re excited to share a…

Invision Projects - Spaces iOS

InVision iOS Contextual Menu by Charles Patterson

InVision iOS Contextual Menu

nice navigation makes hierarchy visible  Google Newsstand Navigation Pattern by…

via Muzli. “Inspiring swipe gestures” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

Time.me app by Virgil Pana

Animation showcasing some of the interactions in a small app called time.

Hi guys, I recently had a very pleasant cooperation with team @Ramotion. So here…

ToFind Card Stream Revision

Mise en scène d’une exploration d’événements via une carte et une liste à scroll…

Concept appli événements UI animation Inspiration – transition de navigation

Paleo Paddock - ios application (filter animation) by Stano Bagin for PLATFORM

Food - ios application (filter animation)

Funda onboarding by Lukas Kus

Funda onboarding

UI Interactions of the week — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium

Due to our stoke level for everything Epicurrence… we hacked up an app to…

Stoked App

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My life - Your health tracking  by Johny vino™

My life - Your health tracking

Helpful to people who want to ee the complete story of his life. Powered automatically by your sensors, apps and online accounts Start changing the mode and boost your productivity & improvin.