Update Flooz App

CREDIT: Gesture touch by Areus Wade Animated screen display. Good way to showcase interaction features. Principles of motion graphics-stretch and squish-comes to play in subtle transmissions of ui elements

Mobile portrait

I like this horizontal overview/ vertical details posture Schedule Application Interface – Mobile app by Afrian Hanafi

Gif for social network dribbble 800x600

Gif For Social Network

Gif For Social Network animation material design bump bounding interaction

Open uri20150812 3 10hs20c

GIF of Dynamic Scroll


Gif - Timeline App

Dreamlist real pixels

Starting this week off with a task list app using categories for personal and work related tasks. This way you can easily plan your days in term of work/life balance.

Mobile portrait copy

Hello guys, This is my first time implements my idea in material design concept so check this out & dont forget to press "L" if u like it :D