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You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Adrian is an Independent Graphic Designer from Bucharest. He posts things he likes and inspire him like Typography, Tattoos and Design. Also tidbits of his work and life.


Free posters on World Cancer Day. Pin them, share them, print them and join the fight against cancer. Poster 1 Poster 2 If you want us to v t1.0-9 18813213_1344007335649243_4276583293905384032_n.jpg?oh=83ed55b374a69fcb0e7019b50346e6f3&oe=59A600C3

Image by Platinum FMD and featured with permission The world is essentially a bag of nuts—which is why you need to protect it. A Brazilian.

15min: Merkel

is one of the largest news websites in Lithuania. The summer campaign invites to spend a little bit of holiday time with the main international news heroes.

Tasty kettles for BBDO Moscow/Curtis

Curtis Tea Banana and Caramel teabags print ad . depicts teapot in shape of banan being peeled open and teabag tag hanging out, with box of teabags