How to do shadows, 3-d form poster. great for teaching value and shading…

How to do shadows, form poster. great for teaching value and shading geometric forms in art lessons Chiaroscuro

Thin line flat design on Behance

Buy Thin Line Flat Designed Banners by on GraphicRiver. Thin line flat design of Apps Development,Branding, investment, Webdesign and Email marketing.

Less, But Better: Dieter Rams’s Influence on Today’s UI Design

Radio Con's: A product can not be shown, only described. That's why these jingles and sound effects are so important.

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Each icon on this picture list has its own outstanding qualities in creativity and playfulness. Im fond of the drinks at the top they added such depth and created an icon that looks exactly like a ice cold glass of what i can assume to be coke or some alc

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Some experiments with UI. Just drag&drop document to shredder for delete it =) What do you think, guys?

iOS icon



I'm really interested in the app icons that have this shadowbox look.

Music icons by ruo tang, via Behance

I really like these app icons for a music app. I like the vintage wood look on each app. And I also like how each one represents a different instrument of some sort.

Pool iOS icon #icon

Pool iOS icon

iOS App Icon

I want to dedicate to share an another amazing collection of iPhone and iPad app icons. This time we're gathered creative iOS App Icon designs for inspiration

iOS icon

Mail App Icon

With the expansion of Apple iOS Apps, designers have another platform to showcase their talent in designing iOS icon. This time we’ve bring you to inspir