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An idea for themed levels, to have the buttons represent different themes

234 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle - Miscellaneous Game Assets

234 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle

Buy 310 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle by Haress on GraphicRiver. This bundle is composed of these 2 items: Bundle RPG Fantasy Spells Icons” Expansion 1 RPG Fantasy Spells Ic.


Starter Pack Icons

These are icons for a game i'm working on. Starter packs full of various in-game loot. Will be released within a few days. Also showing some details here to demonstrate how I layer my digital brush.

ROIcons by CaseyD2K on DeviantArt

So for those of you that didn't know I used to work for Petroglyph Games in Las Vegas, and while I was there one of the games I worked on was a MOBA cal.

游戏美术资源 Q版 欧美西方魔幻 UI素...

游戏美术资源 Q版 欧美西方魔幻 UI素...

Pine collected skill icon

Murong mushroom dog left to cool UI icon collection related scene Area (Figure…

Game icons set 2 by dasawah on DeviantArt

Icon set for a a clients game. The colored version is the final Game icons set 2