To Go oil on panel 12" x 12" Jaye Schlesinger

Michigan-based artist, Jaye Schlesinger almost exclusively work in oils focusing…

Jaye Schlesinger :: Oils

Jaye Schlesinger finds an evocative subject in packaging. She shares a free oil painting lesson on how she created this still life of a Tiffany bag.

Two Servings oil on panel 10" x 10"

Buy Two Servings on Oil on Panel by Jaye Schlesinger. Jaye Schlesinger is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and is represented by Water Street Gallery, dk Gallery.

Jaye Schlesinger | PICDIT

Michigan artist Jaye Schlesinger captures in paint the tokens of consumption that are often prized as much as the products themselves.

Macy's, Jaye Schlesinger, 12"x12" $950

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