Кубинские карикатуры от Болигана

Кубинские карикатуры от Болигана

Забавный симбиоз животных

New Animal Species bred in Photoshop by artist Gyyp are bizarre and funny. Gyyp likes to experiment in Photoshop combining animal species to create new ones


This picture was snapped as the bull was chased by a crane, the tallest bird in the world, at Keoladeo National Park, in Rajasthan, India by photographer Jagdeep Rajput.

Girls Have Really Messy Rooms: Photos by Maya Fuhr

Messy Room - Photographer Maya Fuhr has taken it upon herself to document the wild girl in her natural habitat, the messy room. These bodacious babes shameles.

Мужик сказал, мужик сделал: Глава Virgin Ричард Брэнсон стал стюардессой

Richard Branson, the Best.

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